Medical Facts Behind the Suppression Phenomenon

Have you ever felt awake, but unable to talk or move? People often call it oppression. Actually the events that are often associated with these mystical events have a medical explanation. Sleepiness, medically called sleep paralysis, is an event usually characterized by an inability to talk or move when awake from sleep or when going to sleep, lasting for several seconds to several minutes. Triggered Muscle paralysis Muscles become inactive during sleep, which is normal. When depression occurs, muscle inactivity continues for some time from sleep to conscious period. When experiencing depression, it is also possible to cause someone to feel difficulty breathing. In addition, it is not uncommon for anyone to feel another sensation, for example feeling there is another figure with him. This is a common type of hallucination. There are two types of sleep paralysis, namely: Hypnagogic sleep paralysis. This type of paralysis or paralysis occurs before a person falls asleep complete…
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